Fallen Protective Services Insurance Report – Deadline Extended

April 29, 2020

To: County Clerks and Treasurers, Municipal Clerks and Treasurers

The Wisconsin Department of Revenue (DOR) would like to inform you that due to 2019 Wisconsin Act 185, the filing deadlines for the following forms are extended until Monday, May 11, 2020. Both are available in My DOR Government Account (MyDORGov).

  • SL-320C – County Fallen Protective Services Insurance Report
  • SL-320M – Municipal Fallen Protective Services Insurance Report

Under state law (2019 WI Act 19), counties and municipalities must submit this form (SL-320C or SL-320M) if they:

  • Had a police officer, emergency medical services practitioner, or firefighter die in the line of duty
  • Paid hospital, surgical or other health insurance premiums for the surviving spouse and dependent children during 2019

General Information

  • County/Municipal Clerk must electronically file (e-file) this report
  • The reported values are used to calculate the 2021 adjustment to County and Municipal Aid
  • Important – a county/municipality will not be eligible for this aid adjustment if the form is not submitted timely

Form Information

Each county/municipality must report:

  • Number of eligible deceased personnel
  • Number of surviving spouses/dependents and their age as of January 1, 2019
  • Premiums paid during 2019
  • Note: Do not report, or attach, any personally identifiable information for the deceased personnel or their family members (ex: full name, social security number, mailing address)

If you have questions, contact us at lgs@wisconsin.gov.