Personal Property Value Report Non-Filers

July 16, 2019

To: Municipal Clerks and Treasurers, County Treasurers, Real Property Listers, Assessors

The Wisconsin Department of Revenue (DOR) would like to inform you of the 58 municipalities that have not electronically filed (e-filed) Form PA-550: Personal Property Value Report (see PA-550 Non-Filer Report).

Every Wisconsin municipality must e-file Form PA-550. If a municipality does not e-file Form PA-550, the personal property aid payment will be delayed.

General Information

Form Information

Each municipality must report the 2017 locally assessed Code 2 values by:

Section A – Municipal Totals

  • Within the municipality (auto-filled from your 2017 Statement of Assessment)
  • Within tax incremental districts (TIDs)
  • Outside of TIDs

Section B – Taxing Jurisdiction

  • Within each taxing jurisdiction (ex: school district, special district) that existed in 2017 within the municipality

Section C – TIDs

  • Total within each TID that was active in 2017
  • For each taxing jurisdiction within each TID

Note: If your municipality had no locally assessed Code 2 property in 2017, you must submit a zero value report.

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