Reminder - 2018 Online Annual Assessor Meeting

January 15, 2019

To: County Clerks, Register of Deeds, Real Property Listers, Treasurers, Municipal Clerks and Treasurers, General Assessor list, Certified Assessors

The Wisconsin Department of Revenue would like to remind you of the upcoming deadline. To receive credit for our 2018 Online Annual Assessor Meeting, you must complete the requirements by February 4, 2019.

Note: Your Assessor Certification requires attendance at the Assessor Meeting (either online or in-person) annually. You may miss one Assessor Meeting every five years that your certification is active.

For Certification Credit – Online Annual Assessor Meeting 2018

If you did not attend an in-person Annual Assessor Meeting and need to fulfill your certification requirement, you must attend the 2018 Online Annual Assessor Meeting.

Annual Assessor Meeting video sessions:
  • Register and create a password
  • Email address must be unique to each user
  • To verify attendance, there is a short quiz after each section (DOR no longer requires an affidavit)
  • To correct a quiz question, select "Try Again"
  • After viewing each session, an email is sent verifying completion
  • Use Internet browser Chrome for best results

To receive credit, you must:
  • Access the 2018 Online Annual Assessor Meeting
  • Click "Get started" to register and create your password
  • Watch Sessions 1-3 (videos listed on the site)
  • Complete each short quiz
  • Complete by February 4, 2019

Note: After each session, you will receive an email to confirm you completed that specific session. However, your 2018 Annual Assessor Meeting training is not complete until you watch all three sessions, and complete each quiz.

Contact us with any questions.