Assessment/AAR information and quick survey - due January 24, 2019

January 11, 2019

TO: Municipal Officials

In July 2018, the Wisconsin Department of Revenue's (DOR) State and Local Finance Division conducted a customer survey. In the survey, we asked local government officials about the Annual Assessment Report (AAR). The municipal assessor must complete an AAR annually for each municipality they serve. The AAR explains the work the assessor completed for that year. The municipal assessor is required to share the AAR with the municipality and file an electronic version with DOR.

July 2018 Summary of AAR survey results

  • 72 percent of assessors provide the AAR to municipal officials
  • 39 percent of assessors think the AAR helps explain the assessment work to customers
  • 56 percent of municipal officials say the assessor reviews the AAR with the municipality
  • 40 percent of municipal officials think the AAR has beneficial information

2019 AAR

Assessors are required to complete a 2019 AAR for each municipality. Before they begin the 2019 AAR, we would like your feedback. Please complete the attached survey (link below) to identify what assessment information is most helpful to your municipality. The information we collect will help determine whether a modified AAR should continue as a requirement or be replaced by another resource.

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