Shared Revenues and Debt Limit Reports

November 6, 2018

To:  Municipal Clerks, Municipal Treasurers, County Clerks, and County Treasurers

The Wisconsin Department of Revenue (DOR) posted the following reports on our website.

2019 Shared Revenues – under Shared Revenue

  • Shared Revenue and Related State Aid Report – 2019 Original Estimate
  • This report summarizes estimated 2019 county and municipal aid, utility aid and expenditure restraint program payments

2018 Debt Limit Report – under Debt

  • Includes 2018 TID In and TID Out Equalized Values and debt limit
  • Debt limit equals 5 percent of TID In Equalized Value
  • Note: Municipalities and counties may include the most recent valuation of personal property exempt under sec. 70.111(27)(b), Wis. Stats., for the purposes of complying with debt limitations

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