Law Changes

May 5, 2020

To: Certified Assessors, Assessor List, Municipal Clerks and Treasurers, County Clerks and Treasurers, Real Property Listers and Registers of Deeds

The Wisconsin Department of Revenue (DOR) would like to inform you of recent law changes.

Note: The updated Property Assessment and Taxation Information include items from these law changes.

The following are updates to DOR publications for these law changes:

  • Guide for BOR Members: Pages 7-8 updated BOR posting notices
  • Property Assessment Process Guide for Municipal Officials – page 14 updated town assessor term of office
  • Wisconsin Property Assessment Manual (WPAM) Chapter 1 – Overview of the Property Tax: Pages 14: Update state law reference to sec. 60.30(2)(b), Wis. Stats.
  • WPAM Chapter 21 – Board of Review and Assessment Appeals: Page 13 updated quotation of sec. 70.47(2), Wis. Stats.

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