2019 AAR Reminder

November 27, 2019

To: Certified Assessors

2019 AAR Reminder

The Wisconsin Department of Revenue (DOR) is reminding you to file a 2019 Annual Assessment Report (AAR) for each municipality you assess in 2019.

  • Use your WAMS ID to file the 2019 AAR
  • Complete an AAR for each municipality you assess
  • Submit each AAR to the municipality before or at the Board of Review (BOR)
  • Send all AARs to DOR within 30 days of the BOR's final adjournment


AAR Template

Starting with the 2020 assessment, an AAR is not required:

  • Assessors are not be required to complete a 2020 AAR
  • DOR will provide an AAR template
  • Assessors and municipal officials need to discuss annual assessment requirements and determine whether an AAR, or similar document, can assist with completion and communication of these items
  • Municipalities and assessors may consider this as a contractual item, identifying what the assessor must complete by specified deadlines

If you have questions, contact us at bapdor@wisconsin.gov.