Interactive Data Visualizations

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Reports by Category

Act 66 State Fiscal Dashboard - Interactive DataYesEconomic ReportsN/AInteractive Data LinkState revenue and expenditure data, including general fund taxes, program expenditures, and agency expenditures, updated annually.1/24/2023 4:17 PMThumbnail
Agricultural Statistics - Interactive DataYesAllN/Ainteractive data linkThis interactive visualization contains data from the Wisconsin Department of Revenue (DOR), United States Department of Agriculture/National Agricultural Statistics Service (USDA/NASS), and United States Courts. 3/10/2021 4:12 PMthumbnail
Alcohol Beverages Tax - Interactive DataYesTaxes, AlcoholN/A/Pages/RA/AlcoholBeverage.aspxAlcohol beverage tax receipts (cider, wine, liquor and beer) reported on a monthly basis.3/10/2021 4:20 PM/InteractiveDataThumbnails/Alcohol-Beverage.png
Assessed Property Values - Interactive DataYesProperty Assessments and ValuesN/A view of WI's Assessed Property Values, by Municipality and County4/5/2022 2:25 PM/InteractiveDataThumbnails/Assessed-Values.png
Capital Gains - Interactive DataYesTaxes, IncomeN/AInteractive Data LinkThis visualization is intended to broadly contextualize capital gains in Wisconsin.2/21/2022 2:23 PMCapital Gains Thumbnail
Cigarette and Tobacco Taxes - Interactive DataYesTaxes, TobaccoN/A/Pages/RA/CigaretteTobaccoTaxes.aspxCigarette, Tobacco and Vapor Products tax receipts reported on a monthly basis.3/10/2021 4:20 PM/InteractiveDataThumbnails/Cigarette-and-Tobacco.png
Commercial Property Sales - Interactive DataYesProperty Assessments and ValuesEqualized Property Values interactive view of commercial property sales data in Wisconsin.7/7/2022 1:45 PM/InteractiveDataThumbnails/Commercial-Property-Sales.png
Commuter Patterns - Interactive DataYesTaxes, IncomeN/A view of WI's Commuter Patterns, by Municipality, in 2009 and 2019.6/1/2022 9:39 AM/InteractiveDataThumbnails/Commuter-Patterns.png
Corporate Taxes by Industry - Interactive DataYesTaxes, IncomeN/A/Pages/RA/Corporate-Tax-Statistics.aspxAn interactive view of WI corporate income taxes by industry3/10/2021 4:15 PM/InteractiveDataThumbnails/Corporate-Tax-Statistics.png
County Personal Income Distribution - Interactive DataYesTaxes, IncomeN/A/Pages/RA/CountyPersonalIncomeDistribution.aspxInteractive view of WI's Personal Income Distribution, by County, 2014-20183/10/2021 4:17 PM/InteractiveDataThumbnails/County-Income-Distribution.png
County Sales Tax Distributions - Interactive DataYesTaxes, SalesN/A/Pages/RA/CountySalesTaxDistributions.aspxInteractive view of County Sales Tax Distributions3/10/2021 4:16 PM/InteractiveDataThumbnails/County-Sales-Tax-Distributions.png
County Sales Tax with Industry Detail - Interactive DataYesTaxes, SalesN/A report reflects county sales that occurred in calendar year 2019 and calendar year 2020 and were obtained from sales and use tax returns filed with the Wisconsin Department of Revenue (DOR).5/14/2021 12:07 PM
Equalized Property Values - Interactive DataYesProperty Assessments and ValuesEqualized Property Values/Pages/SLF/EqualizedValue.aspxInteractive view of Equalized values by class and location3/10/2021 4:15 PM/InteractiveDataThumbnails/Equalized-Values.png
History of WI Tax Collections - Interactive DataYesEconomic ReportsN/A General Purpose Revenues data back to 1963. These economic data also shows revenues by tax types and segregated funds revenues. History of excise and utility tax collections show trends of these sectors of the Wisconsin's economy.6/11/2021 1:22 PM/InteractiveDataThumbnails/Tax-Revenue-Since-1963.png
Individual Income Tax Refundable Credits - Interactive DataYesTaxes, IncomeN/A/Pages/RA/IIT-RefundableCredits.aspxView of WI's refundable tax credits by year (Earned Income Credit, Homestead Tax Credit, Farmland Preservation Credit, and Veterans and Surviving Spouses Property Tax Credit)3/10/2021 4:20 PM/InteractiveDataThumbnails/IIT-Refundable-Credits.png
Individual Income Tax Statistics - Interactive DataYesTaxes, IncomeN/A/Pages/RA/Individual-Income-Tax-Statistics.aspxInteractive view of WI individual income tax statistics3/10/2021 4:19 PM/InteractiveDataThumbnails/Individual-Income-Tax-Statistics.png
Local Government Dashboard - Interactive DataYesLocal Government FinanceN/A and county revenue and expenditure data, including property taxes, population, debt service, tax rates, and equalized values from 2012-present, updated annually1/24/2023 4:01 PM/InteractiveDataThumbnails/Local-Gov-Dashboard.png
Lottery Credit - Interactive DataYesLocal Government AidProperty Tax CreditsLottery CreditInteractive view of lottery tax credits including average credits, number of credits paid, payment totals, and distributions.4/12/2022 3:13 PM/InteractiveDataThumbnails/Lottery-Credit.png
Median Home Value and Taxes - Interactive DataYesProperty Assessments and ValuesN/A statewide median home values and property taxes using U.S. Census median home values and net property tax rates.6/24/2022 10:52 AM/InteractiveDataThumbnails/Median-Home-Value.png
Motor Fuel Consumption - Interactive DataYesTaxes, FuelN/A/Pages/RA/Motor-Fuel-Consumption.aspxInteractive view of WI fuel consumption back to 19683/10/2021 4:18 PM/InteractiveDataThumbnails/Motor-Fuel-Consumption.png
Net New Construction - Interactive DataYesEconomic ReportsN/A the data used to compile the Wisconsin Department of Revenue's Net New Construction Report. The report provides municipalities and counties with net new construction (NNC) numbers for levy limits and the Expenditure Restraint Program (ERP).5/10/2022 2:39 PM/InteractiveDataThumbnails/Net-New-Construction.png
Police and Fire Protection Fees Since 2010 - Interactive DataYesLocal Government AidCounty and Municipal Aid Payments/Pages/ISE/Police-Fire-Fees-Since-2010.aspxInteractive view of Police and Fire Protection Fees3/10/2021 4:18 PM/InteractiveDataThumbnails/Police-and-Fire-Protection-Fee.png
Property Tax Levy Limits - Interactive DataYesTaxes, PropertyLevy Limit Stats. 66.0602 limits property tax increases for municipal and county governments. Municipal and county governments are permitted certain exceptions to local levy limits, and the visualization illustrates such exceptions.9/29/2021 3:41 PM/InteractiveDataThumbnails/Levy-Limit-Exceptions.png
Sales and Use Tax by Industry - Interactive DataYesTaxes, SalesN/A View of Monthly State and County Sales and Use Tax Reported by Industry1/24/2023 4:23 PM/InteractiveDataThumbnails/Sales-Tax-by-Industry.png
Sales Tax Per Capita - Interactive DataYesTaxes, SalesN/A/Pages/RA/Sales-Tax-Per-Capita.aspxInteractive view of sales taxes by county back to 20033/10/2021 4:18 PM/InteractiveDataThumbnails/Per-Capita-County-Sales-Tax.png
School District Tax Statistics - Interactive DataYesTaxes, PropertySchool Districts/Pages/RA/School-District-Tax-Statistics.aspxInteractive view of income and property tax data by school district back to 2005.3/10/2021 4:14 PM/InteractiveDataThumbnails/School-District-Taxes-Info.png
Shared Revenue - Interactive DataYesLocal Government AidCounty and Municipal Aid Payments/Pages/RA/Shared-Revenue.aspxState payments for County and Municipal Aid, Public Utility Aid, and the Expenditure Restraint program.3/31/2021 9:50 AM/InteractiveDataThumbnails/Shared-Revenue.png
Special District Taxes - Interactive DataYesTaxes, SalesSpecial Districts/Pages/RA/Special-District-Taxes.aspxAn interactive view of WI's Special District Taxes including Premier Resort and Expo tax distributions by year.3/10/2021 4:14 PM/InteractiveDataThumbnails/Special-Districts.png
Special Forest Tax Law Programs (MFL and FCL) - Interactive DataYesTaxes, PropertyN/AInteractive Data LinkThis visualization contains acreage, assessed value, fee, and estimated property tax savings data on Wisconsin's Special Forest Tax Law Programs—the Forest Crop Law (FCL) and the Managed Forest Law (MFL). 2/7/2022 1:37 PMThumbnail
State and Local Tax Rankings by State - Interactive DataYesTax BurdenN/A/Pages/RA/TaxRankings.aspxInteractive map and table with rankings of state and local tax burdens.3/10/2021 4:13 PM/InteractiveDataThumbnails/Tax-Burden-Rankings.png
State Energy Statistics - Interactive DataYesEconomic ReportsStatistical Report/Pages/RA/State-Energy-Statistics.aspxAn Interactive view of PSC WI's utility data reported under Commission docket 5-gf-159 for investor-owned utilities. 3/10/2021 4:13 PM/InteractiveDataThumbnails/State-Energy-Statistics.png
Tax Increment Finance - Interactive DataYesTax Incremental FinancingN/ATableau TID Data VisualizationInteractive view of Tax Increment District Finance data back to 2000. 1/24/2023 4:25 PM/InteractiveDataThumbnails/Tax-Increment-Finance.png
Town, Village and City Taxes - Interactive DataYesLocal Government FinanceN/A/Pages/RA/TVC-Taxes.aspxInteractive view of data from the Town, Village, and City (TVC) Taxes Bulletin, including tax levy overview, tax rates and equalized values, and tax levy detail going back to 2001.  3/10/2021 4:13 PM/InteractiveDataThumbnails/Town-Village-and-City-Taxes.png
Wage and Salary Income – Interactive DataYesTaxes, IncomeStatistical Report visualization is intended to provide general information about the role of wage income as it relates to adjusted gross income and pertains to Wisconsin.1/24/2023 4:28 PM/InteractiveDataThumbnails/Wages.png
WI State and Local Tax Burden Since 1985 - Interactive DataYesTax BurdenN/A and Local Tax Burdens by tax type1/24/2023 4:28 PM/InteractiveDataThumbnails/WI-State-Local-Taxes.png
Wisconsin Economic Indicators - Interactive DataYesEconomic ReportsN/A in Wisconsin's economy, including data on employment, labor force, earnings, exports, and others, from various years to present, updated monthly.6/11/2021 1:20 PM/InteractiveDataThumbnails/WI-Economic-Indicators.png
Wisconsin Employment Data - Interactive DataYesEconomic ReportsN/A data on Wisconsin and other states' employment, including annual employment change, industry concentration, and state-by-state comparisons 1990-present, updated monthly.1/24/2023 4:31 PM/InteractiveDataThumbnails/WI-Employment-Data.png
Wisconsin Exports - Interactive DataYesEconomic ReportsN/A export information by industry and destination 1999-present, updated annually. Useful insight into Wisconsin's Manufacturing Economy.6/11/2021 1:21 PM/InteractiveDataThumbnails/WI-Exports.png
Wisconsin Real Estate Sales - Interactive DataYesProperty Assessments and ValuesEqualized Property Values/Pages/RA/WI-Real-Estate-Sales.aspx3/10/2021 4:11 PM/InteractiveDataThumbnails/WI-Real-Estate-Sales.png
Wisconsin's Metropolitan Area Overview - Interactive DataYesEconomic ReportsN/Ainteractive data linkDescribes the economy of Wisconsin's twelve MSAs. These economic data include employment growth and industry concentration, personal income, unemployment rates, and housing for Wisconsin's Metropolitan Statistical Areas 1991-present, updated annually.1/24/2023 4:33 PM/InteractiveDataThumbnails/WI-MSAs.png