Wisconsin Real Estate Transfer Return - Amended (PE-500x)

​An amended Return is ONLY used to correct an error on the eRETR after the document is recorded by the Register of Deeds. If you need to re-record your deed at the Register of Deeds to correct error(s) on the deed, you will need to complete a new Electronic Real Estate Transfer Return (eRETR) for your document to be accepted.

If your document was not recorded, restore your saved eRETR and make the correction, Submit and attach the new Receipt to the document and send to the Register of Deeds.

This form is designed for electronic transmission (emailing) or it can be printed and mailed depending on the information being corrected.

Corrections involving "Total value of real estate" and "Transfer fee due" requires printing and mailing.

In addition, you must complete corrections to "Total value of real estate", "Transfer fee due", and Primary Residence within 60 days of recording to avoid any penalties or before any audit started on the conveyance. See Instructions

To correct the tax bill address, contact the county treasurer directly.

Important Notice: The information you submit on this site is NOT fully secure. Items with an * are required.

Name of County is a required field.

eRETR Receipt Number is a required field and must contain 5 letters or numbers.

Document Number is a required field and must contain a minimum of 5 characters and no more than 12.

Date Recorded is a required field. Acceptable formats are MM/DD/YYYY or MM-DD-YYYY.

Grantor's Last Name is a required field.

Grantee's Last Name is a required field.

Check the box(s) below that you are amending

Error is a required field.
Correction is a required field.

I authorize and direct the Wisconsin Department of Revenue to amend the transfer return for the recorded document number as shown above:

Name of authorized person is a required field.

Street Address is a required field.

Email Address is a required field.

City is a required field.

Phone number is a required field. The preferred format is xxx-xxx-xxxx.

State is a required field.

5 digit Zip code is required.

Signature Statement

To file this amendment authorization form, yo​u must agree it is true, correct, and complete. To indicate agreement, you must check "Yes." This serves as your lawful signature for this authorization from your account. Under penalties of law, I declare that this authorization is true, correct, and complete to the best of my knowledge and belief. Do you agree with this statement?

You must indicate agreement by checking 'Yes'.

Print this page before clicking "Submit" and keep a copy for your records.

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