Public Auctions

The Department of Revenue works with taxpayers to help them voluntarily pay their taxes to the State. If a business or individual is delinquent and fails to pay over a period of time, Wisconsin state law says their property can be relinquished to the agency to satisfy the debt. This property is then sold at a public auction.

The general public can bid on these items. All property purchased through the auction is sold on an "as is" basis and the Department is not responsible for its quality or authenticity. You are also responsible for any remaining liens, debts, mortgages or liabilities owed on the property you purchase.

IMPORTANT: you must make your payment by cash, cashier's check or money order when purchasing property at a public auction.


The Wisconsin Department of Revenue reserves the right to cancel or postpone any scheduled auction without notice.

CountyDateTimeLocationNotice of Sale/ Photos
DaneOctober 23, 201810:00 am Wisconsin Surplus Online Auction

October 8, 2018