Temporary Events - File Transmission Procedures

  • An application to securely transmit required event operator reports to the department.
  • Transmits the data electronically without using email.
  • Should be submitted by the event operator rather than participating sellers.


  • Microsoft spreadsheet or database report is preferred, but is not required.
  • A template spreadsheet is available if you do not have information already entered in another format.
  • Be sure all required information is provided within the file because file names are changed during the transmission process.
  • Only files up to 50MB can be accepted. Files larger than 50MB should be zipped or divided into two or more files.
  • See Event Operators for more information on reporting requirements.

Data File Transmission Common Questions

Instructions for sending your file:

  • Know where the data file is saved on your PC or Network.
  • Click on the Ready To Transfer link below to begin the transfer process.
  • In the drop down box, select either "Events Excel Worksheet or Events Other Reporting Tool."
  • Make sure that the radio button for "Is the file zipped": is checked appropriately.
  • Make sure that the radio button for "Is this a test file": is checked "No."
  • On the "Select the File" line, click on the Browse button to locate the Temporary Event Data file on your PC or Network.
  • Click Transfer to submit your file.

Ready to Transfer

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