Software Developer Specifications for Form WT-7 Annual Reconciliation e-File Transmission

​​​Wisconsin employers and/or their representatives may transmit the Employer's Annual Reconciliation of Wisconsin Income Tax Withheld from Wages data in an electronic file over the Internet. This process is intended for participants who (1) have technical expertise to create and validate an XML document or (2) are using software that provides that service.

Letter of Intent

Please review the LOI Release Document for information regarding the required Letter of Intent. Wisconsin will require completion of the Letter of Intent and completion of our testing program prior to approval for XML filings.

The file transmission:

  • Is secure for receiving formatted electronic transmissions of employer's annual reconciliation data
  • Is in XML language using a Department of Revenue web server
  • Offers web GUI and scripted transmission methods
  • Allows one or more returns per XML file
  • Allows zipped transmissions
  • Does not use SOAP or MIME enveloping processes
  • Has two transmission options:
    1. HTML based over SSL using 128-bit encryption
    2. secure FTP
  • Sends acknowledgements within one business day
  • Is available using the electronic funds transfer (EFT) debit and credit payment processes
  • Incorporates work done by the IRS and the Federation of Tax Administrators standards group (FSET)

This system is for authorized users only; system access is monitored. By using this system, you expressly consent to this monitoring. Evidence of unauthorized access will be provided to the appropriate law enforcement agencies.

Transfer WT-7

Transfer WT-7 Extension Request

Please email for further information. List XML Withholding WT-7 in the subject line.

October 18​, 2021​