Additional Detail Information of WT-6 Batch Payment Schema Elements

The instructions on this page are generally for single WT-6 submissions, or for multiple WT-6's with a payment for each WT-6 (sometimes referred to as "Multiple Debit"). The schemas also support files with multiple WT-6's but with a single ACH debit payment ("Single Debit"). If you would like more information on the single debit mappings contact your DOR representative.

Transmission Header

  • recordCount attribute – Number of records (WT-6's) in the file.
  • Jurisdiction – WI for Wisconsin.
  • Transmission ID – EFIN + ccyy (4-digit Year) + jjj (3-digit Julian Date) + 7-digit sequence number for a total of 20 digits. (The EFIN is a 6-digit number issued by the IRS to Electronic Return originators.)
  • Timestamp – The actual transmission timestamp (format ccyy-mm-ddThh:mm:ss).
  • Transmitter ETIN – ETIN of the transmitter (The ETIN is a 5-digit number issued by the IRS to transmitters.)
  • Or Transmitter EFIN – EFIN of the transmitter (The EFIN is a 6-digit number issued by the IRS to return originators.)
  • Process Type –"T" for Test, "P" for Production.
  • AckAddress – The email address you want the acknowledgement sent to if using the HTTPS transfer method.

WT-6 Data and FinancialTransaction: ACH Debit

  • Choose between checking or savings.
  • Routing Transit Number - Transit number for the bank from which payment is being made.
  • Bank Account Number - Account number from which the payment is being made.
  • Payment Amount - The amount being paid.
  • Identification Number - Enter your Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN).
  • Account Holder Name - Name that the account is listed under.
  • Account Holder Type - 1 = Business account, 2 = Personal account.
  • Requested Payment Date - The date the payment is to be debited from your account and submitted to the Department of Revenue.
  • Addenda Record - This includes the following:
    • Taxpayer Identification - Employer's 15-digit Wisconsin Tax Account Number.
    • Tax Type Code - FTA Code and State Tax Type Code.(011 and 00 for withholding).
    • Tax Period End Date - The end date of the period for the payment.
    • TXP Amount - Sub Amount Type (T for Tax).
    • TXP Amount - SubAmount (This is the amount withheld).
  • Not IAT Transaction - Changes in banking industry regulations require special treatment of payments from foreign sources. The Department of Revenue does not currently allow IAT transactions, so we require your assurance that this is not an IAT transaction.

March 31, 2016