Eligible Forms (for Excise Tax Returns e-File Program)

Form  ↓ Name/Description  ↓ Schema Package  ↓
Form AB-154Common Carrier Alcohol Beverage Tax ReturnWIExcise2012V2.0
Form AB-605Description of Refund Claim for Beverage TaxWIExcise2012V2.0
Form BT-100Wisconsin Brewery Fermented Malt Beverage Tax ReturnWIExcise2012V2.0
Form BT-104Wisconsin Fermented Malt Beverage Tax ReturnWIExcise2012V2.0
Form BT-605Refund Claim for Fermented Malt Beverage TaxWIExcise2012V2.0
Form BT-612Refund Claim for Fermented Malt Beverages Sold to the Armed Forces of the United StatesWIExcise2012V2.0
Form CT-001Native American Tribes Claim for Wisconsin Cigarette Tax RefundWIExcise2012V2.0
Form CT-100Wisconsin Distributor's Cigarette Tax ReturnWICigaretteTobaccoV2.3
Form CT-105Wisconsin Distributor's Cigarette Tax Return Out-Of-State PermitteesWICigaretteTobaccoV2.3
Form CT-111Cigarette Warehouse ReportWIExcise2012V2.0
Form CT-114Quarterly Report of Wisconsin Tax-Paid Cigarettes PurchasedWIExcise2012V2.0
Form CT-121SWisconsin Combined Cigarette Use Tax and Sales Tax ReturnWIExcise2012V2.0
Form TT-001Native American Tribe's Claim for Wisconsin Tobacco Products Tax RefundWIExcise2012V2.0
Form TT-100Wisconsin Distributor's Tobacco Products Tax ReturnWICigaretteTobaccoV2.3
Form TT-104SWisconsin Tobacco Products Use Tax and Sales and Use Tax ReturnWIExcise2012V2.0
Form TT-114Quarterly Report of Wisconsin Tax-Paid Tobacco Products PurchasedWIExcise2012V2.0
Schedule BT-101Wisconsin Fermented Malt Beverage Tax Multiple ScheduleWIExcise2012V2.0
Schedule CT-101Wisconsin Cigarette Tax Multiple ScheduleWICigaretteTobaccoV2.3
Schedule CT-104Monthly Schedule of Purchases and Ending Inventory of Unaffixed Wisconsin Cigarette StampsWICigaretteTobaccoV2.3
Schedule CT-115Wisconsin Stamped Cigarette Sales to/Returns From Authorized Retail Stores on Native American ReservationsWICigaretteTobaccoV2.3
Schedule CT-117Cigarette Distributor Bad Debt Deduction for Uncollectible Wisconsin Cigarette TaxWICigaretteTobaccoV2.3
Schedule CT-118Summary of Wisconsin Stamped CigarettesWICigaretteTobaccoV2.3
Schedule TT-101Wisconsin Tobacco Products Tax Multiple ScheduleWICigaretteTobaccoV2.3
Schedule TT-101CWisconsin Cigar Tax Multiple ScheduleWICigaretteTobaccoV2.3
Schedule TT-101MWisconsin Moist Snuff Tax Multiple ScheduleWICigaretteTobaccoV2.3
Schedule TT-115Tobacco Products Sales to/Returns from Authorized Retail Stores on Native American ReservationWICigaretteTobaccoV2.3
Schedule TT-117Tobacco Products Distributor Bad Debt Deduction for Uncollectible Wisconsin Tobacco Products TaxesWICigaretteTobaccoV2.3

August 17, 2020