Excise Tax e-File Testing and Approval

General Note - You will want to test all of the forms you normally use. In the initial stages it is best to limit the number of invoices and other iterations of detail transaction to 5 - 20 transactions. Once you have the format correct, then start to add larger number of transactions.

Attachments - Test submissions cannot contain attachments. Test submissions should contain only the XML file or a ZIP file containing the XML file.

File Naming - Review the file naming conventions to be sure you properly name your submission files. Improperly named files will fail our validation.

Step 1) Manual Format testing - You may begin this at any time - drop a file in the sFTP testdropoff folder or email it as an attachment to DORDeveloperRelations@wisconsin.gov. List XML Excise Testing in the subject line. If you drop it in the sFTP testdropoff folder, you may want to let us know in an email. We will review the XML to make sure it is well-formed and valid. We will give you feed back in an email. This phase of testing may begin at any time.

Step 2) Auto format testing - Once you are to the point where the XML seems to be consistently well formed and valid, we will set up for automatic testing. With automatic testing you should receive an acknowledgement within a few minutes. It will be placed in the testpickup folder for you to retrieve. This test system will always be available, and you may test as often as you like.

Step 3) Content review. At the time we set you up for Auto format testing, we will load your test returns into our processing system and have someone from our business area review your return for content. You will receive an email approving you to commence filing returns in production (the dropoff folder).

Before sending your initial test submission, please notify DORDeveloperRelations@wisconsin.gov. List XML Excise Testing in the subject line.

August 12, 2011