Cigarette/Tobacco Reports

You may electronically file required manufacturer/importer shipment reports with the Wisconsin Department of Revenue (DOR). This does not include monthly or quarterly cigarette and tobacco product returns.

Instructions for sending your file:

  1. Know where your file is on your PC or Network.
  2. Click on the Ready To Transfer link below to begin the transfer process.
  3. In the drop down box, select "Cigarette/Tobacco".
  4. Make sure that the radio button for "Is the file zipped": is checked appropriately.
  5. Make sure that the radio button for "Is this a test file": is checked "No."
  6. On the "Select the File" line, click on the Browse button to locate your report on your PC or Network.
  7. Then click Transfer to submit your file.
  8. Only files up to 50MB can be accepted. Files larger than 50MB should be zipped or divided into two or more files.

Ready to Transfer


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May 2, 2016