Administrative Rules

Statistical sampling 129-178/17/2018DOR drafting proposed ruleChapter Tax 11 Proposed Order - Statistic SampleChapter-Tax-11-Proposed-Order-Stat-Sample.pdfTax 11 11
Assessor Certification 094-18DOR drafting proposed ruleTax 12 12
Sales and use tax exemption for raising animals 085-16DOR drafting proposed ruleTax 11 11
Reflects law changes and clarifies multiple rules relating to Chapter Tax 11 083-16DOR drafting proposed ruleTax 11 11
Remote Sellers 079-1810/10/2018scope/079-18DOR drafting proposed rulePROPOSED ORDER OF THE DEPARTMENT OF REVENUE REPEALING AND RECREATING RULESTax-11-Remote-Sellers-Proposed-Order.pdfSS 079-18 NOTICE OF HEARINGss_079_18_hearing_information.pdfTax 11 11
Interest and dividend income received from exempt and taxable securities 072-17DOR drafting proposed ruleTax 3 3
Income and franchise nexus 014-178/24/2018DOR drafting proposed ruleProposed Order of the Department of Revenue Amending and Creating RulesTax-2.82-Nexus-Proposed-Order.pdfTax 2 2
Penalty for failure to produce records 17-0184/26/2017Final draft rule pending approval by GovernorPenalty for Failure to Produce Records566-Tax2_11_PenaltyForFailureTo.pdfCR 17-018 NOTICE OF HEARINGcr_17_018_hearing_information.pdfTax 2; Tax 11; 2; Tax 11