Administrative Rules

Conviction predeterminations 123-18DOR drafting proposed ruleTax 1 1
Income and franchise tax update due to various law changes and clarifications 103-1810/10/2019DOR drafting proposed ruleSS 103-18 Prelim RuleSS103-18PrelimRule.pdfTax 1; Tax 2; Tax 14;; 1; Tax 2; Tax 14
Sales and use tax update due to various law changes and clarifications 102-18DOR drafting proposed ruleTax 11 11
Derogatory or offensive terminology 19-12210/11/2019cr/2019/12210/11/2019Public HearingCR 19-122 Rule Textcr_19_122_rule_text.pdfCR 19-122 NOTICE OF HEARINGcr_19_122_hearing_information.pdfTax 11 11
Sales and use tax exemption for raising animals 19-1139/20/2019cr/2019/1139/20/2019DOR drafting final ruleCR 19-113 Hearing Informationcr_19_113_hearing_information.pdfTax 11 11
Reflects law changes and clarifies multiple rules relating to Chapter Tax 11 19-1129/20/2019cr/2019/1129/20/2019DOR drafting final ruleCR 19-112 Hearing Informationcr_19_112_hearing_information.pdfTax 11 11
Interest and dividend income received from exempt and taxable securities 19-0968/2/2019cr/2019/968/2/2019DOR finalizing submittal to the LegislatureCR 19-096 Hearing Informationcr_19_096_hearing_information.pdfTax 3 3
Remote Sellers 19-0726/24/2019cr/2019/722/15/2019DOR finalizing submittal to the LegislatureCR 19-072 Rule Textcr-19-072-rule-text.pdfTax 11 11
Assessor Certification 19-0305/20/2019cr/2019/305/20/2019Legislative ReviewTax 12 12
Income and franchise nexus 18-08112/3/2018cr/2018/8112/3/2018Legislative ReviewTax 2 2