Tips for Filing Your Return

  • Electronically filed returns are processed faster and more accurate than those filed on paper. More information is available on our Online Services page.

  • Paper filed returns are electronically scanned. Delays occur when the scanner cannot correctly read information on a return. Before you begin entering information, review the return and instructions for tips on aiding the scanning process (for example, never use commas or dollar signs when filling in dollar amounts).

  • Enter all identifying information requested (for example; name, address, and social security number).

  • Review the instructions for any deductions and credits claimed to ensure they are computed correctly and any required schedules or other enclosures are included with the return.

  • If required, enclose a complete copy of the appropriate federal return.

  • Before signing the return, check that all required line entries have been made.

  • Before mailing the return, check that it is being sent to the correct address.

  • If you have reviewed the return instructions and are still not sure about something, please ask! Contact information is available in the return instructions or at the contact-us page​.

December 14, 2017