Distressed vs. severely distressed

  • Distressed - allows the municipality to extend a TID 10 years past the original termination date
  • Severely distressed - allows a municipality to extend a TID up to 40 years from the creation date
  • Distressed/severely distressed TIDs:
    1. Created before October 1, 2008
    2. Cannot be amended after October 1, 2009
    3. Have projected TID increments that show the TID will not be able to pay project costs and debt within the normal life of the TID
    4. Use any increment that exceeds the TID's annual expenditures to retire the TID debt or establish a reserve fund that can only be used to retire the debt of the distressed or severely distressed TID
    5. Note: Severely Distressed TIDS only - must have an increment in any year that has declined at least 25% from the highest value increment

Distressed/severely distressed TIDs may not:

  • Make any additional expenditures after the original expenditure period ends
  • Amend the project plan to add any new costs, any new territory or become a donor TID
  • Become part of a TID with overlapping boundaries
  • Spend any funds outside its boundaries

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