Municipal Tax Incremental Finance (TIF) Annual Report and Audits

​When a municipality creates a Tax Incremental District (TID), state law requires the following annual report and audits.

TID Annual Report (PE-300)
  • State law requires municipalities with active TIDs to electronically file an annual report for each TID by July 1 with the Wisconsin Department of Revenue (DOR)
  • If you are not a clerk or clerk/treasurer, you must request access to file this form through My DOR Government Account
  • Reported items include general information, beginning fiscal balance, revenues, expenditures, future costs, future revenue, and ending fiscal balance
  • Future costs and future revenue are estimates based on the remaining life of the TID. Refer to a recent cash flow statement or the project plan for more information.
  • A standing Joint Review Board must meet by July 1 (or when the report is available) to review each TID's annual report, performance, and status
  • Municipality must provide each overlying tax jurisdiction a copy of the annual report by July 1
  • Under state law, DOR must charge a municipality $100 per day for each TID Annual Report not filed within 60 days of July 1

State law:

Certified Public Accountant (CPA) Audits

For Town and Municipal TIDs, CPA audits are required at least three times during the TID's life, no later than 12 months after:

  • 30% of total project expenditures
  • End of expenditure period
  • Termination of the district

For Environmental Remediation TIDs created before November 2017, a CPA audit is required at least once during the TID's life, no later than 12 months after:

  • Termination of the district

The CPA must determine if all financial transactions comply with state law.

State law:

TIF Manual – TIF reference guide

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