e-File Transmission for Batch Payments (Withholding and Estimated Taxes)

  1. ​​​​What is e-File Transmission?

  2. What are batch payments?

  3. If I make a batch payment for withholding tax, do I need to file Form WT-6?

  4. I am a payroll service provider, do I need to "enroll" each customer for e-filing/paying?

  5. I am a payroll service provider, can I file and pay for multiple customers and make one ACH payment?

  6. I am a payroll service provider, can I send a file with multiple payments, but with an ACH debit from each customers account?

  7. How do I get started?

  8. How do I file timely?

  9. How do I change a filed return and/or payment?

Please email DORDeveloperRelations@wisconsin.gov for further information. List XML Withholding WT-6 in the subject line.

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