Appealing a Notice or Bill

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  1. What can be appealed?

  2. When can I appeal a notice?

  3. How do I appeal a notice?

  1. What can be appealed?

    You can appeal:

    • Changes to your tax return or account

    • Late filing fee

    • Negligence penalty

    • Underpayment interest

    You cannot appeal:

    • Regular and delinquent interest

    • Returned payment charges

    • Refunds applied to other debts

    • Collection fees

  2. When can I appeal a notice?

    You must appeal a notice or bill within 60 days of the notice date. The changes will become final if you do not appeal within 60 days.

  3. How do I appeal a notice?

    To appeal a notice or bill, you need to:

    • Clearly explain why you don’t agree with the notice

    • Attach or include any documents to support your appeal

    • Type (or neatly print) and sign your appeal

    • Write your tax account number, letter ID, and the tax period of the notice on all documents you include with your appeal

    • Include the first page of your notice or bill if you mail or fax your appeal

    You may appeal by mail or fax:

    Wisconsin Department of Revenue
    PO Box 8903
    Madison, WI 53708-8903
    FAX: (608) 264-6884

    You may appeal online for individual income tax, fiduciary income tax, homestead credit, occasional consumer use tax and miscellaneous motor fuel tax. File an appeal at My Tax Account.

December 14, 2017