Voluntary Disclosure

  1. What is "voluntary disclosure"?
  2. Does Wisconsin have a Voluntary Disclosure Program?
  3. Who can benefit from voluntary disclosure?
  4. How does a taxpayer apply for voluntary disclosure?
  5. Why should a taxpayer come forward?
  6. How many years will the department go back if the taxpayer has not filed the required Wisconsin tax returns?
  7. What are the responsibilities of a taxpayer who requests voluntary disclosure treatment?
  8. What are the department's rights?
  9. Where can I get additional information on Wisconsin's Voluntary Disclosure Program?

MS 2-233
Nexus Unit
PO Box 8906
Madison, WI 53708-8906
Phone: (608) 266-3969
Fax: (608) 266-5464
Email additional questions to DORWIVoluntaryDisclosureProg@wisconsin.gov

December 12, 2018