Alcohol Beverage Laws for Retailers - Underage Alcohol Questions

  1. What is the legal drinking age in Wisconsin?

  2. Can children be in a bar with their parents?

  3. Can an underage person possess and consume alcohol beverages on licensed premises?

  4. Are there other times that underage persons can be on licensed premises?

  5. Can "teen nights" or "alcohol free nights" be held at taverns?

  6. Are there any places an unaccompanied underage person can possess alcohol beverages?

  7. As a licensee, how do I ensure that the person across the bar, at the counter, or at the table is old enough to be there and to drink?

  8. A lot of fake IDs are out there. How do I protect myself against being fooled?

  9. Is it a serious violation to make a fake ID?

  10. You said that underage persons can work at licensed premises. Does this mean any age?

  11. Are there any restrictions for underage persons who are musicians or other performers?

  12. Can I get into trouble if somebody I serve goes out and injures or kills somebody?

  13. Does Wisconsin have a prohibition on hosting underage drinking parties?


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January 29, 2019