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​​​​We have compiled a list of our most frequently asked questions related to the downloading and printing of Wisconsin Department of Revenue tax forms, instructions, and publications.

  1. Why am I experiencing problems downloading forms, instructions, reports and publications?

  2. When printing some instructions and publications in PDF format all the words run together with no spaces between them, however, everything looks fine on the screen. Is there an error in your documents, or is it my system?

  3. Are forms printed on ink-jet, bubble-jet or Dot-Matrix printers acceptable for filing?

  4. If I do not have a printer, how else can I obtain tax forms?

  5. When downloading a PDF form, my web browser window goes blank and I never receive the file. What should I do?

  6. How can I download a PDF file directly to my hard drive and bypass the Adobe Reader plug-in that normally displays the form in my web browser window?

  7. I'm having a problem locating a certain form. How can I find it if I don't know the form number or title?

  8. Are your forms accessible to individuals with disabilities?

  9. Why does the document come up in the Adobe Reader but when I page through it I get an error message and then the screen goes blank?

  10. Why doesn't the PDF file print?

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