Wage Attachments

See our My Tax Account Wage Attachment Resources page to help you manage your wage attachment accounts online and make payments electronically.

Understanding Your Wage Attachment

  1. I received a Notice of Employee Wage Attachment. Why did I get this notice?

  2. As the employer, what do I need to do?

  3. How should I make these payments?

  4. What if paying electronically causes a hardship?

  5. What do I do if my employee is on layoff, quits or is terminated?

  6. What happens if I don't withhold?

Calculating Payments

  1. How do I calculate the amount that should be withheld?

  2. What if the employee doesn't have enough take home pay to satisfy the wage attachment order?

  3. Why does the amount in My Tax Account or on the Balance Update Letter differ from what our records show to be the outstanding balance?

  4. What if the employee already has one or more garnishments in place?

  5. What if the employee has a wage attachment in place, and another agency issues a garnishment?

  6. Our records show we withheld the amount due from the original Notice of Wage Attachment. Should I stop withholding?

  7. My employee said they contacted the department and made other payment arrangements. Should I stop withholding?

  8. Can we charge the employee to process the wage attachment payment?

  9. If I charge a processing fee, do I deduct the fee from the amount I withhold for the department?

Understanding Your Wage Attachment

Calculating Payments


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