Tax Incremental District (TID) – Net New Construction

​The Wisconsin Department of Revenue's Equalization Bureau issues the TID Net New Construction Report. Municipalities use this report to review TID Net New Construction values.

This report provides net new construction values by Tax Incremental District (TID) including municipal and state totals.

Report column definitions

  • CoMun – county municipal code where TID is located
  • County – county where TID is located
  • TVC – municipality type (town, village, city)
  • Municipality – name of the city, village or town where the TID is located
  • TID # – number assigned to the TID by the municipality. An alpha character after the number provides additional information, if applicable. The alpha characters include:
    • A - Town (sec. 60.23, Wis. Stats.)
    • E - Environmental remediation
    • O - Cooperative
    • T - Town (sec. 60.85, Wis. Stats.)
    • R - County (Florence or Menominee only)
    • M - Multijurisdictional
  • Base Year – year the TID was created
  • Net New Construction – value of new construction reduced by any demolition or destruction of buildings, including corrections to the prior year value
  • Municipal Prior Year Equalized Value – municipal prior year equalized value
  • TID Net New Construction % – Percentage calculated by dividing the current year net new construction by the prior year equalized value

TID Net New Construction Reports

2023​ (Excel​​)

If you have questions, contact the Equalization Bureau District Office in your area.