Sales of Alcohol Beverages In Ozaukee County Fairgrounds

2017 Wisconsin Act 95 - Sales of Alcohol Beverages In Ozaukee County Fairgrounds

(2017 Wisconsin Act 95, create secs. 125.26(2x), 125.27(4), 125.51(3)(bx) and 125.51(5)(e), effective December 02, 2017)

Current law provides that alcohol beverage licensees and permittees must specifically describe their licensed/permitted premises. Applicants for retail alcohol beverage licenses or permits must particularly describe the licensed/permitted premises such as the building, room and/or land area under the applicant's control where alcohol beverages will be sold, served, consumed or stored. Sales of alcohol beverages may only be made on the licensed/permitted premises.

Wisconsin Act 95 authorizes a person who holds a Class "B" fermented malt beverages (beer) license/permit or a "Class B" intoxicating liquor license/permit in Ozaukee County to sell alcohol beverages at specific locations within the Ozaukee County fairgrounds for consumption at those locations during special events held at the fairgrounds, the Ozaukee County Board adopts a resolution approving the licensee or permittee.

August 9, 2018