Options for Holder Reporting

Wisconsin law requires businesses and other organizations (Holders) to review their financial records each year to determine whether they hold any funds, securities or other tangible property that has been unclaimed for the required dormancy period. Holders are required to file an annual report and deliver the property to the state.

Note: Wisconsin requires financial institutions, utility companies, and life insurance companies to file completed and notarized Holder Verification Reports even if no unclaimed property is reported.


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Reports prepared with UPExchange software may be submitted online or downloaded for manual submission to My Tax Account.

UPExchange (web based) Reporting Software
Product Support Email: uphelp@eagletm.com
Holder Reporting Blog by ETM

Xerox ACS HRS software

Reports prepared with HRS Pro software must be downloaded for manual submission via My Tax Account.

HRS Pro (download software)
HRS Pro Quick Instructions (PDF)

My Tax Account

Reports in standard NAUPA format prepared with other software may be uploaded to My Tax Account. You can also import a spreadsheet prepared using our template or manually enter your holder report.

April 6, 2015