News for Tax Professionals (2008)

Date Name/Description
November 4 Where to Send Your Completed Power of Attorney Forms
November 4 Health Saving Accounts
October 13 Hurricane Ike Victims Qualify for Disaster Relief
September 24 Telefile Discontinued for Individual Income Tax
September 2 Electronic Funds Transfer Provides Easy, Secure Withholding Tax Payments
September 2 DOR to Offer New Self-Service Portal for Business Tax
September 2 Partnership, Corporate Franchise and Income Tax Booklets Discontinued
September 2 Electronic Filing Administrative Rules - Business Taxes
June 26 Manufacturing Investment Credit
June 25 Increased Standard Mileage Rates Apply for Wisconsin
June 19 Addback of Related Party Interest and Rent Expenses
June 10 Supreme Court Rules on Kentucky Taxation of Municipal Bond Interest
May 23 Elimination of WT-6 Coupon Booklet
May 8 Effective January 1, 2009 - New Subtraction for Certain Retirement Income
April 17 Film Production Services Credit Clarified
April 17 Printing Estimated Tax Vouchers
April 17 Compensated Work Therapy Payments
February 26 Wisconsin Tax Treatment of the New Michigan Business Tax and Texas Margin Tax
February 7 Internet Posting of Delinquent Accounts
February 7 Compromise of Tax Obligations
February 5 Medical Care Insurance Deduction May be Claimed on Schedules H and H-EZ
February 4 Recent Federal Law Changes Do Not Apply For Wisconsin
January 30 Earned Income Tax Credit Pre-Refund Review
January 25 Electronic Filing of Form 1NPR Expanded
January 17 New Exemption for Pass-Through Entity Withholding
January 17 Filing Requirements for Pass-Through Entity Withholding
January 17 How to Apply for the Dairy Manufacturing Facility Investment Credit
January 9 You can now have Paperless E-Filing of Homestead Credit Claims Electronic File Transmission of Form W-RA and Attachments
January 8 Injured Spouse Allocation
January 8 Setoff of Tax Refunds to Delinquent Tax Debt or Debt Owed to Other State Agencies and Local Governments
January 7 Verify Available Estimated Tax Payments Online

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