DOR Encouraging Employers to E-File W-2s

DOR e-file mandate is 50 W-2s or more

The Wisconsin Department of Revenue (DOR) is encouraging employers to electronically file their W-2s. E-filing is quick and easy, as well as a secure and confidential way to transfer data.

Employers who file 50 or more Forms W-2 and 1099 are required by law to e-file these forms. Medium and larger employers can send DOR the W-2 file that they send to the Social Security Administration, and smaller employers can use Wisconsin's easy to use My Tax Account (MTA), which is our free online business tax file and pay application.

Currently, there are over 38,000 employers who have access to MTA who are filing paper W-2s.

How to e-file Forms W-2:

Employers may contact us with any questions or concerns by calling our customer service line dedicated to business inquiries at (608) 266-2772.

Page last updated January 18, 2013