Letters to Mandate Electronic Filing and Payment

Last year the Wisconsin Department of Revenue (DOR) sent approximately 164,000 letters to businesses, notifying them of the requirement to file their sales and use tax and withholding tax returns by electronic means. As a result of this effort, over 80% of sales and use tax returns and over 70% of withholding tax returns are now filed electronically. There are still a number of businesses that should be filing electronically. The department will send another letter to these businesses in the next few months, notifying them to file their next sales and use tax return and withholding tax return electronically.

As part of DOR's ongoing efforts to become more efficient, letters will also be sent to the following persons, notifying them of the requirement to file or pay by electronic means:

If filing or paying by electronic means causes an undue hardship, you may request a waiver. Waiver forms are available at www.revenue.wi.gov/forms/misc/eft-102.pdf.

There are a number of simple ways to electronically file and pay on DOR's website, under "Online Services."

Last updated September 29, 2010