Electronic W-RAs: How to "Zip" a File

Beginning in 2008, the department can now accept electronic Form W-RAs, along with the required documents. First you must save the Form W-RA and attachments to your PC or network in the proper format as explained at: www.revenue.wi.gov/eserv/w-ra.html. Then, the saved documents (files) must be zipped. Here are the instructions of how to "zip" a file:

On your PC:

Once you have zipped the Form W-RAs and all documents you want, you would:

Once you have completed these instructions, you have electronically transmitted the Form W-RA and required attachments. There is no paper to mail. Either you or your client should keep the originals of all documents for a minimum of four years. If the department would need the originals, we will contact your client.

Page last updated March 6, 2009