News for Tax Professionals

Date Name/Description
October 6 Upcoming Public Hearings on Administrative Rules
September 30 Comments on Proposed State and Local Finance Administrative Rules
September 6 2016 Wisconsin Tax Update Seminars
September 6 Upcoming Wisconsin e-file, My Tax Account and Wisconsin TeleFile Outages
September 2 IRS Warns of a New Wave of Attacks Focused on Tax Professionals
August 16 Comments on Proposed Administrative Rule
August 11 Tax Professional Software Scam Alert
July 28 New DOR Email Addresses
July 20 My Tax Account Two-step Authentication User Advice
July 5 My Tax Account - Two-step Authentication Starts July 8, 2016
May 25 Upcoming Wisconsin e-file, My Tax Account and Wisconsin TeleFile Outages
May 10 Taxis Leased to Drivers are Subject to Sales Tax
May 10 Permanent Extension of the Federal Internet Tax Freedom Act (ITFA) - What You Should Know
May 10 Garage Sales, Flea Markets, Rummage Sales and Swap Meets
May 10 New Sales and Use Tax Exemption Effective January 1, 2016 - Building Materials That Become Part of a Local Government or Qualifying Nonprofit Facility
May 10 Photography Services - Where Does the Sale Take Place?
May 10 Catering Services Are Taxable
May 10 Taxable Sales May Include Bartering
May 10 Change in Tax Treatment of Waterslides in Water Parks
May 2 Online Marketplace Sellers Are Liable for Wisconsin Tax on Third-Party Sales
April 19 Change in Taxes Included in Sales Price - Federal Excise Tax on Heavy Trucks and Trailers - Update
April 19 State Universal Service Fund (USF) Fee - Not Included in Taxable Sales Price
April 18 New Fraud Scheme Impacting Tax Practitioners
April 7 Sales Tax Treatment of Educational Products, Goods, and Services - Update
March 3 One-Payment Leases of Automobiles - Where Does the Sale Take Place?
February 23 Another Option for Business Registration
February 18 Clarifications Made to 2015 Schedule R - Wisconsin Research Credits
February 15 2015 Tax Practitioner Questions & Answers
February 1 E-Filing Amended Returns
January 28 New My Tax Account Payment Plan Options
January 25 Homeowners and Individuals Providing Short-Term Lodging
January 20 Farmland Preservation Workshops
January 13 Transportation Fringe Benefits
January 6 Online Access to 2015 1099-G

October 6, 2016