Identity Verification

Protecting Our Taxpayers

The Wisconsin Department of Revenue safeguards your tax information. We recognize that identity theft is one of the top cybercrimes that our citizens face.

We use a variety of tools to help protect our taxpayers including an identity quiz, issuing a unique PIN, or requiring a taxpayer to submit ID verification documents to prevent others from trying to file a false tax return to get a refund.

You must have received a letter from the Wisconsin Department of Revenue before clicking on one of these options.  We will continue to process your state tax return once you have completed the appropriate task depending on the letter you received.

Take the Identity Quiz
Take the Identity Quiz

Click here to answer questions only the true taxpayer should know.

Enter Your Unique PIN
Enter Your Unique PIN

Enter the unique Personal Identification Number (PIN) the agency sent you.

Department of Revenue Secretary Rick Chandler: We are focused on preventing identity theft and protecting taxpayers.

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