County Forms

Form Name Description
PA-050 Request for Exemption from State Mandates (2/11) | Instructions
PA-601a Certificate of Postponed and Delinquent Taxes (3/09 - Fill-in)
PA-605 Notice of Description Correction on Tax Certificate (9/93)
PA-662 2014 Lottery and Gaming and First Dollar Credit Report
PA-695 County Tax Receipt (Ply 1/Ply 2) (7/93)
PC-400 Certification of the Apportionment of State and County Property Taxes and Charges
PC-501 Tax District Treasurer's Settlement Form (2/15) | Instructions
PC-502 Tax Settlement Receipt (3/09 - Fill-in)
SL-201 Request for Direct Deposit (Bank Number Input Form) (9/12)
SL-202c County Levy Limit Worksheet
  Master Tax Certificate (s74.57)
  Notice of Issuance of Tax Certificate for Tax Roll of ____

March 13, 2015