Common Abbreviations/Acronyms On Property Tax Bills

These abbreviations or acronyms are usually located by the owner's name or within the legal description on the property tax bill. Questions regarding abbreviations or acronyms used on your property tax bill should be directed to your local municipality.

AGT Agent LSE Lessee
AKA Also known as LSR Lessor
ATF As trustee for LU Life use
C/O Care of MFL Managed forest land
CUST Custodian MINR Minor
EST Estate M/L More or less
Et al And others NKA Now known as
Et um And husband (spouse) REV TR Revocable trust
Et vir And husband TC Tenants in common
Et ux And wife (spouse) TNT Tenant
FBO For benefit of TOD Transfer on death
FKA Formerly known as TR (TRSE) Trustee
GRDN Guardian TRS Trustees
HW His wife TRST Trust
ITF In trust for UAD Under agreement dated
LC Land contract UDT Under declaration of trust
LCH Land contract holder VNE Vendee
LE (LEST) Life estate VNR Vendor
LF TEN Life tenant WF wife

December 10, 2015