VITA/TCE Volunteer Spotlight

Eunice Peterson

Meet Eunice Peterson of Madison, Wisconsin

After thirty-seven years of service with the Wisconsin Department of Revenue Eunice Peterson is still working to help Wisconsin taxpayers. Actually, since 1993 she has been one of the first people taxpayers see at the Richard Dilley/Dane County Financial Education Center in Madison, Wisconsin. Eunice has an infectious and bubbly personality and loves to make sure tax​payer information is all together in one concise place prior to the meeting their individual preparer.

Eunice has lived in Madison with her husband since 1956. She has two children, two grandchildren and one adorable great. For fun in the summertime she loves to refinish friends and families old furniture. She is also a volunteer with the Salvation Army's Toys for Tot program and Bethel Lutheran church food pantry. Her most memorable experience with the VITA program is the time she met a family who just lost a loved one. The family still in grief sat with Eunice. She held the mother's hand and comforted her while telling her everything was going to be ok and that her taxes were going to be done accurately.

Adria, Outreach Volunteer

Meet Volunteer Adria of Franklin, Wisconsin

It was a fall afternoon five years ago in the Twin Cities that Adria decided to attend her college's annual volunteer and career fair. Little did she know that her life would change from just one meeting with the staff at AccountAbility Minnesota tax and financial services group. Currently, Adria is a third year law student at the University of Wisconsin where she plans to graduate this May. In her spare time she loves hanging out with her friends, traveling abroad and playing tennis.

After law school Adria plans to study for the Illinois accounting bar and work for Ernst & Young in the Chicago office as an accountant in their employee benefits group. Her advice to new volunteers is to come with an open mind and willing heart to learn.

Rick Dilley

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