Administrative Rule Open for Public Comment for SS 099-19

The Department of Revenue (DOR) is soliciting comments concerning the economic effect of a proposed administrative rule. The rule revises Chapter Tax 11, relating to sales and use tax provisions in 2015 Wisconsin Act 364 and 2017 Wisconsin Act 59, and revisions identified in the March 2019 report to the Joint Committee for Review of Administrative Rules.

Comments concerning the economic effect of the proposed rule on specific businesses, business sectors, public utility ratepayers, local governmental units, and Wisconsin's economy as a whole will be taken into consideration in the preparation of the Economic Impact Analysis (EIA) required by statute (sec. 227.137, Wis. Stats. (2017-18)). Local governmental units interested in working with DOR to prepare the EIA may submit a request to do so by using the link for comments below.

Comments must be submitted by Tuesday, May 26.

May 12, 2020