2017 Individual Income Tax Estimated Payments – Software Issue

If you used Lacerte software to electronically file 2016 individual income tax returns and included 2017 estimated payments, the payments may have been applied to the incorrect year. In the XML data transmission, you should enter information in the data fields for the 2017 estimated tax payments as follows:

Tax Year2017
TaxPeriodBeginDtLeave blank unless 2017 tax year is a fiscal year
TaxPeriodEndDtLeave blank unless 2017 tax year is a fiscal year

We have found several cases where the tax period end date was entered as 12/31/16 so 2017 estimated payments were applied to the 2016 tax period and may have been refunded. DOR tries to correct these errors, but in some cases they get processed without correction. You can use the DOR estimated tax inquiry application on our website to verify estimated payments you intended to make for 2017 have been applied correctly.