My Tax Account - Two-step Authentication Starts July 8, 2016

The Department of Revenue continues its efforts to enhance security by further protecting taxpayer data. We have added another security level within My Tax Account. Beginning July 8th, the first time a user logs into My Tax Account, a department-issued security code must be entered. The user will be prompted electronically to provide an email address and/or cell phone number (if text is chosen) for code delivery. DOR will send the security code immediately via email or text (based on user choice) for entry into My Tax Account.

Things to remember

Profile email (established when the user first registers for My Tax Account): Each user must have an email that is unique (one that is specific to My Tax Account across all DOR My Tax Account records). This can't be used in any other DOR My Tax Account profile.

Security code email: This email is used for security purposes only and it may be the same as, or different than the profile email. The security code email is not required to be unique and can be used with other DOR My Tax Accounts. Tax practitioners can use the same security code email for numerous client accounts. If a person elects to use the text option for delivery of their security code, no security code email is required. If a person elects to have the security code emailed, an email address must be entered (can be the same as or different than the profile email).

Security code longevity: A security code is only good once. The previous becomes invalid as soon as it is used or when another is requested.

Remember my computer: If a user chooses the box on the login page labeled "Remember my computer," a subsequent entry of a security code will not be required. Exception: A new security code will be required if:

  • The user logs in with a computer that had never logged into the account before
  • The user switched browsers or the cookies were deleted

Two-step authentication is a security method used routinely by banks and credit card companies. As technology continues to develop and advance, we continue to improve and enhance our security features to keep your confidential information safe.

July 5, 2016