Homestead Credit - Correct Rent Certificate Completion

​​​​A rent certificate must be attached to Schedule H or H-EZ when claiming Wisconsin's homestead credit. The rent certificate, whether electronically created or hand written, must be completed correctly for proper processing. When completing the rent certificate, landlords and authorized representatives should be aware of the following to ensure accurate filing:

  • Line 4a:
    • Enter the total rent collected for this unit for the time occupied by this renter in 2014. Include any separate amounts the renter paid to the landlord for items such as parking, garage space, utilities, appliances, or furnishings.
    • Do not include rent for a prior year or amounts received directly from a governmental agency through a subsidy, voucher, grant, etc., for the unit (except amounts an agency paid as a claimant's representative payee).
  • Line 4b:
    • Complete all of the monthly fields only if the rent changed during the year.
    • If rent changed during the year, enter an amount for each month, not just the months the rent changed.

February 25, 2015