Homestead Credit - Rent Certificate Guidance for Landlords

​​A renter must attach a Rent Certificate to Schedule H or H-EZ when claiming Wisconsin's homestead credit. The Rent Certificate is available as a fill-in form on the department's website.

A renter must also have the landlord or authorized representative complete lines 1 through 5 on the rent certificate.

Landlords: When completing the Rent Certificate, be careful when making entries on lines 3a and 3b. Line 3a has three available lines for different monthly rent amounts. The value in 3a should only change if the amount of rent changed during the rental period. Enter only the monthly rent amount on 3a. The number of months rented at that rate is entered on line 3b.


3a Rent Collected per month for this rental unit for 2013 . . . . . . . . . . 3a500.00510.00530.00
3b Number of months this rental unit was rented to this renter in 2013282

If the renter has more than three monthly rental rates, attach an additional rent certificate with the corresponding monthly rental rate on line 3a and the number of months at that rate on line 3b.

Landlords/housing authorities may not alter or make changes to the Rent Certificate unless a substitute form has been approved by the department. See the Approval Requirements for Substitute Tax Forms on the department's website for more information.

January 30, 2014