Update Your System to Use My Tax Account

Due to the recent upgrade of our computer system and security enhancements, we are requiring users of My Tax Account to maintain their computers at or above our minimum system requirements.

Important: Please review the following information and take action as necessary well before the due date of your tax return or payment since customer service wait times will be longer on or near due dates.

Clear Your Cache and Browsing History

  • Determine which Windows operating system and Internet Explorer Web Browser you are using
    What version of Internet Explorer am I using? click here to find out
  • If you have Internet Explorer Version 8.0 or higher, follow these steps to clear your computer's cache and browsing history
    1. Hold down the Control key and press the F5 key, close all browsers completely, reopen the browser and log on to My Tax Account.
    2. If you continue to have log on issues after completing the above steps, contact us at (608) 261-5338 for assistance.

Update Your Browser

  • If you are using Internet Explorer Version 7 or below, click the following link to determine which Windows Operating System.
    What version of Microsoft Windows am I using? click here to find out
    • If you use Windows Vista, 7 or 8, follow the link below to update Internet Explorer, free of charge.
      To download Internet Explorer 8.0 or higher click here
    • If you are using Windows XP, download, free of charge, Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome. Because Microsoft no longer supports the Windows XP operating system, it will not provide an Internet Explorer update for Windows XP.

      Click on the following links to download either browser:
    • After downloading the new browser:
      • Restart your computer
      • Open the new browser
      • Log on to My Tax Account

If you continue to have log on issues after clearing your cache or updating your browser, contact us at (608) 261-5338 for assistance.

Page last updated November 14, 2013