Account Maintenance and Access Changes in My Tax Account

Email Address Updates in My Tax Account
As more businesses and tax professionals use ​ My Tax Account, sending email through the system has become an efficient way to reach you with filing reminders, account issues and upgrade/maintenance information. We need your help to keep it efficient by updating your email address. If the email address in your My Tax Account profile is outdated or invalid, you will be prompted to update it during one of the next times you log in. Your clients will also be prompted to update their email addresses if needed. We will also inactivate all logon IDs that were created before January 1, 2012 and have never accessed My Tax Account. This review will be done annually.

Change to Third Party Access in My Tax Account
Based on your feedback, the Wisconsin Department of Revenue is expanding the access available to third party preparers in ​My Tax Account. In addition to filing returns, making payments and viewing account information, you will have access to the following as a third party preparer:

  • Name and Address Change
  • Request to close or reactivate accounts
  • View collection information
  • Request a payment plan

This will be rolled out to a pilot group of approximately 500 third party preparers in mid-June. All preparers and clients in the pilot will be notified by email and letter before the access is changed. Clients may choose to keep the limited access for their third party preparer. If the pilot is successful, the expanded access will be rolled out to all 10,000 third party accounts in August.

May 30, 2012