Removing Client Account Access in My Tax Account

​​​​​​No longer need access to a client or account in My Tax Account? You can now easily remove your access. This update is based on feedback we received from many tax professionals.

After logging in to My Tax Account​:

  • Select "View My Profile" from your homepage
  • Click the "Manage Logons" tab
  • Click the "Access to My Accounts" tab
  • Select "Access Level" for the tax account you want to change
  • Uncheck the "Active" box to remove access and click Save

You'll need to repeat these steps for all unneeded tax accounts. Keep in mind that this immediately removes all of your access to the tax account. If you need access to the account in the future, use "Add Access to an Account" or "Add 3rd Party Account Access" from your homepage. The access approval process has not changed.

Additionally, you may now transfer your logon to another business or customer in My Tax Account and keep your existing account access when appropriate. Contact us to request this change.

If you have questions,​ call (608) 261-5338 or email

April 19, 2012