Important My Tax Account Information 1/21/2010


Important My Tax Account Information – 1/21/10

Thank you for your patience in using My Tax Account. Technical difficulties you were experiencing in the last few days regarding server errors, page not found, and slow response times have been corrected. There are still some minor performance issues that will be addressed later today. An outage of My Tax Account for system maintenance is scheduled for 5:30 p.m. today. The outage will last 15 minutes.

Reminder: Sales and use tax returns and payments otherwise due on Wednesday, January 20, 2010, will not be due until Monday, February 1, 2010.

Again, we apologize for the inconvenience this has caused. We appreciate you using My Tax Account.

The following tips will help you resolve other issues with filing returns and making payments using My Tax Account:

  • Submitting Payment. Before clicking the submit button to make a payment, make sure you have answered a new question near the bottom of the payment page. Due to changes in banking regulations, you must indicate whether your payment is originating from an account outside the United States. Scroll down this page and use the drop down arrow to choose Yes or No in the entry box.

submitting payment 

  • Unexpected Log-Out. To navigate in My Tax Account, do not use your Internet browser's arrows (i.e., back and forward buttons). Doing so will log you out of My Tax Account. Navigate My Tax Account using the blue title bar at the top of each page labeled " My Tax Account – Your Name" Under " My Tax Account – Your Name," click on "Home" to go to your home page, the account number (e.g., 036-0000123456-78) to go to your main account screen, etc.

unexpected logout 

WT7 imbalance 

  • Verifying Payments. To verify your payment has been scheduled, look at (1) "Recent Activity" or click on (2) "View Requests" on the right side of your My Tax Account home page.

verifying payments 

failed access 

  • Form W-2s. Information on how to file W-2s when you are electronically filing Form WT-7 may be accessed from links that appear under line 1 of Form WT-7 on My Tax Account​.

form w2s 

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