Withholding Telefile Available

​​Taxpayers may file withholding deposit reports and annual reconciliations (Forms WT-6 and WT-7), using the Wisconsin Business Telefile system. The new withholding TeleFile is quick, free, and secure. No pre-registration is necessary. The Telefile system is available at (608) 261-5340 or (414) 227-3895. Callers would select option 1 to file a sales and use tax return (Form ST-12), option 2 to file a withholding deposit report (Form WT-6), or option 3 to file an Employers Annual Reconciliation of Income Tax Withheld from Wages (Form WT-7). The system does not calculate late fees, penalty, and interest for withholding taxes. The system does calculate late fees, penalty, and interest for sales and use taxes.

Taxpayers may pay by direct withdrawal from a checking or savings account at the end of the call. If they choose to mail a payment, they are asked to place the account number and period covered on the upper left corner of their payment. The following payment address is provided to filers that do not select the direct withdrawal option:

Wisconsin Department of Revenue
PO Box 8981
Madison, WI 53708-8981

If you have any questions regarding Withholding TeleFile, you may contact the department at dorwithholdingtax@wisconsin.gov or (608) 266-2776.

January 28, 2010