Wisconsin e-File Update

​​Wisconsin taxpayers can continue to electronically file their 2008 individual income tax returns by using the Wisconsin e-file application for the next four years. They would click the link Prior Year Income Tax Forms from the Wisconsin e-file home page. There are some limitations for people who can use the application listed at How to Use Wisconsin e-file.​

The Wisconsin e-file application for the 2009 tax year will be available Monday, January 11, 2010. In addition to the Forms WI-Z, 1A and 1, the 2009 Wisconsin e-file application will support the Form 1X (amended return), Schedule H without an income tax return and the Schedule OS-Credit for Net Tax Paid to Another State. Some other things that are new for 2009, the Wisconsin e-file application will be able to confirm whether a taxpayer has an estimated tax payment account with the department and if not, give an error message stating there is no record of any such account; and also, if a person has already filed their 2009 tax return using the application, they will get an error message saying it's a duplicate return. These changes will help reduce the returns that get work listed for these issues.