Internet Posting of Revoked Delinquent Accounts

​​The Wisconsin Legislature passed 2009 Wis. Act 28, which requires the Wisconsin Department of Revenue to post on the Internet a list of every person who has had a seller's permit revoked. The Internet site will list the real name, business name, address, revocation date, type of tax due, and amount due, including interest, penalties, fees, and costs, for each person who had a seller's permit revoked under state sales tax law. The department will update the Internet site periodically to add revoked permits and to remove permits that are no longer revoked, or for which the permit holder has made sufficient arrangements with the department so that the permit holder will be issued a monthly seller's permit. The department will update the Internet site quarterly to remove revoked permits for entities that have been out of business for at least one year. The department will not post the accounts, or will remove nightly, the accounts of taxpayers who have entered into an installment agreement, a compromise, or who have filed for bankruptcy. These provisions will take effect October 1, 2009.

July 6, 2009